Our Services

Our digital capabilities help us become a complete media agency. We have specialists in Digital Marketing and Web Designing. Our highly creative multi-media rich content couples with exceptional digital strategies it fulfils the role of digital marketing.


Optimization of your brand to the online behaviour of audience is the key to today’s marketing success. We help you to position your brand keeping the balance between creative design, clear and plane of voice. Thus your brand will log-in to a limitless world of potential customers. Simplicity is the primary rule of digital marketing and we always maintain it.


More than 50% of Indians own a smartphone, with world’s second largest consumption of video content. The growth of these digital devices means you have to meet them and greet them across all platforms. Our digital marketing experts will guarantee relevant insights and campaign reports presented to you at different stages of the campaign.


We want your digital campaign be catered to the right audience as possible. If you’re launching a new brand or just want to improve marketing of your existing brand – our strategy experts can help you segment your audience and put forward a win – win digital marketing solution.


Social media is the key to the online customer influence for Indian business. Social media platforms such as Facebook,Twitter, Linkedln and Instagram do a great deal of brand communication. To gain loyal customers and generate brand awareness we can create a positive social engagement for your brand.


Search engines are the dominant and most influential entities of the internet. It provides 90% of the traffic that is the ultimate source of marketing success in the 21st century. Our strategically advanced search marketing campaigns will help you get great traffic, brand visibility and conversion.


Our Creative team of Art Directors, Visualisers, Copywriters and Designers not only have the right mix of professional skills but also personality traits. Our compact size help us to provide layer free, personalized attention to client requirements. If communication is the most staggering puzzle in your business, we solve them as a team. We specialize in understanding challenges in communication faced by brands. Also through a full spectrum of communications services, we deliver integrated solutions with balanced media optimization to the maximum advantage.


We are fully accredited advertising (INS) firm, finding dazzling variety in print media as Newspapers, Magazines and other periodicals which offer a wide range of publications aimed at various audiences across the Country. Major characteristics of the press as an advertising medium are selectivity and flexibility. Our perception on selection of Printed Media is comprehensive and sophisticated to meet every strategies to ensure the success of the Ad. More over we make a clear-cut plan on media Ads based on the nature of requirement and speciality of media.


Chakra is prominent in Out-of-Home solutions across Kerala. We have been empowering businesses to engage with audience both in urban and rural Kerala. Your target audiences are always on the move. We put  or expertise, intelligence, and insight to showcase you before the people. We own the full-equipped colossal signage factory having all infrastructure including solvent and eco-solvent printing machines to produce high quality signages. We are proud hence our clients spread our goodwill of satisfaction for all our endeavours. We enjoy a tremendous success in the field of outdoor display due to superior quality work at reasonable rates, top-notch craftsmanship and timely delivery of projects. We blend the strength of accuracy and creativity to continue on the zenith of signage manufacturing Industry. With the new advanced wide format, solvent and eco-solvent printers we can provide super wide prints on Flex and Vinyl in premium quality.


We are the sole licence holder of bus body branding on Govt. buses (KSRTC), which offers a very broad opportunity to promote brands. More than 6000 buses in around in 96 Depots are playing across the state. It is an instant communication medium at lowest cost per impression. This display medium can convert potential customers to kinetic. If you are planning campaigns or events, KSRTC buses with tremendous coverage at every nook and corner of Kerala terrain, provide popularity within a very short span of time.


Hoardings provide continuous advertisement round the clock. Unlike commercials or Magazine ads, you can’t turn them off, surf away or toss it off. The best advantage is that you can control your market area, choosing locations, target audience etc. hence, moving hoarding is the level best media for start-ups and awareness campaigns. They ensure repeated viewing and are likely to stick to their minds for a long. We can provide moving hoardings also. These exclusive mobile hydraulic hoardings are absolutely perfect way to reach your potential customers. These are hoardings on the move and can be located at vantage locations in desired heights and display adjustments. These hoardings can be illuminated during nights and provide great visibility and value for money.


Shop Arches splendid in creative designs are great eye-catchers for Short Campaigns, to bring the festive mood and let your brand stand out during the period, these arches help to create a brand identity and the offers available during the season. We carry out In-shop Branding including Wall / Pillar branding, Glass branding, Dealer boards, Glow sign Boards, LED sign boards, Front lit boards, rollup standees, display stands etc… The in-shop displays, POP stands etc. are fabricated & printed at our own Signage Factory & Printing Unit. We are behind the success of numerous leading MNCs. Our Top notch creativity is the back-bone of such above mentioned branding.


Our event management department helps to organise functions with utmost precision. We abide to your perceptions. We always fulfil them at any event based on pre-determined budget. Also we work with you to make your dreams come true. Our expert in-house team and specialists in logistics have proven their mettle in organising massive events in Kerala. We organise events based on your business objectives and intentions along with sharing your passion. Whether it is to strengthen the bonds or to integrate into the market or to give away a memorable occasion that every participant cherish – Chakra event management team is always ready to take it.